We have.... 21 + Opportunities for YOU to Serve
Serving is one of the pillars of being an "Active Believer."

Media Ministry – Provide quality audio and creative visual operations for all church worship services, and special ministry events.

Mime Ministry – To bring the Word Alive through wordless gestures (cerography to songs or spoken words) that are used to bring glory to God, illuminate the gospel of Jesus Christ, and edify the observer.

College Students Ministry – Help college students navigate college life challenges, remain holy, stay connected to their faith and church family.

Communication and Marketing Ministry – Identify, create and execute the strategy for church marketing, social media, and collateral to reach new people and engage church membership as a mission to reach the community. Includes advertising, direct marketing, branding, packaging, and printed materials.

Dance Ministry –To extend praise, worship, and the word through the art of interpretive dance. Allowing the Holy Spirit to move through one's body movements.

Greeter's Ministry – To embrace and promote an atmosphere where members and guests entering the church will feel welcome by exhibiting the love of Christ. Providing materials (welcome packet) that helps them to understand the culture and aiding them to envision themselves as a part of the church and extend the experience into the sanctuary.

Ushers Ministry – To seat guests and members quickly and efficiently, while minimizing distractions during the worship experience. In addition, the Ushers Ministry will maintain order reinforcing rules and procedures set forth by the Senior Leadership of The Word Church.

Music Ministry – To glorify God through song and instruments, creating an atmosphere that allows the Holy Spirit to move freely and ministers to the needs of the listener. The music ministry is a compliment to the Word, not in competition.

Outreach Ministry – Organize, plan and execute outreach activities within the community ( such feed the hungry, back-pack drive, winter coat distribution, etc.) In addition, the Outreach Ministry creates and markets opportunities to invite the community into the church (such as "parents night out", back-to-school bash, etc.)

Seasoned Saints Ministry (aka The 6 0 Club) – To provide an outlet for members ages 60 and older to fellowship; ministry opportunities for imparting to the youth, serving in the ministry, and training the next generation of spiritual leaders.

Security Ministry – Ensure the safety and security of the building, property, congregation and guests of The Word Church at all times.  

Youth and Young Adult Ministry – Provide leadership and guidance to children and youth in the identification of their God given gifts and talents, developing positive attitudes about their relationship with God and evangelizing to the unchurched children and youth.  Engages in spiritual development, academic excellence and enrichment, social activities, and service projects.

Care Ministry –  Provides pastoral and congregational care during worship service and special ministry events; assist with any emergency situation as it arises during church events.

Administrative Support Ministry- Helps to ensure that the church runs smoothly, providing support that allows the pastor to attend to other responsibilities.  Often maintains church records, manages the calendar and orders supplies.

Holy Ghost Dusters – Helps to ensure the upkeep and cleanliness of the headquarters by vacuuming, wiping down surfaces will disinfection solutions, and maintain the bathrooms.

Culinary Team Ministry – To provide superior catering services and organize banquet set-up for designated special events.

Events Team Ministry – To assist ministry leaders in hosting events.  Ensures the successful planning and excellence of each event The Word Church hosts.